Notes on Creativity: Like touching sunshine

mia ojapalo

That’s what Yellowstone’s infamous Beth Dutton said about having sex with her. And oh, you cowboys and cowgirls, was she talking about the turn-on.

A delicious thread to follow when you create. For the act of creation demands heat: first, burning down the old, dusty, stagnant. For the emotionally stable ones, it can show up as a mild irritation; why is everyone doing it like this. Or: this feels so old (Boring! Dead! Old! Not us! Can’t stand it anymore!)

For some, it’s a true burn, a wildfire of the most intimate, luscious rage. A sweet spot, ‘cause right then, the roots are penetrating their way into the real matter, way below of what we can logically understand with our eternally safety-seeking ego’s “this is the right and sensible thing to do” go-to's. Like David Lynch put it: the big fish swim in the depths. You have to stop and listen, carefully.

The art of listening is the yoga of maintaining an internal curiosity, sure, but it’s also about becoming acutely aware, and highly sensitive about everything surrounding you. The corporate people, design mags, the bus driver (maybe not in Finland), the old guy in the coffee place, your
regular bar people, mum, some art piece, a meme in Instagram. The universe and creative process speaks through everything. Humble up, feel: the truly meaningful breadcrumbs will have a certain glow, a spark, some genuine weight in them. Enjoy a bit! Have a few adventures. A wild bender, an ice cream, a walk in the woods. Stroll the museums.

Because a point in time is coming: the process starts to quicken. A deadline approaches, too much time has been spent on the glorious fucking around and finding out, and it’s all still one delirious mess. Doesn’t feel right, for it itches, the pieces just don’t fit, someone’s not feeling it. An unstoppable irritation that has the power of driving even the bestest (especially them) of people downright mad.

Another option: your thing dramatically, like the worst actor in your high-school theater… Announces to your brain that it either dies or is getting birthed. Now.

Okay. How.

Follow the turn-on: what feels most alive. Be flexible, birth multiple concepts around it, allow them to wither out after teaching you. Say boy bye for the obvious, cheap, fake ones. Those that live for a moment and face a deeply unmeaningful death, untouched, yes, died a virgin.

Test them out by taking them far enough and trust the turn-on: what truly lights you and other people up. Go for the radical, dangerous, fun, beautiful, expansive. Like the spring’s first, moist, bright-green sprouts gushing through the soil. What a joy!

The right one tickles people’s brain, heart, hips, all at the same time (like dating used to, just not in 2024). Now check it out: does it have the ingredients to become part of your beautiful legacy? In your deathbed, would you be proud that you made this move? Does it serve your sense of self, your wallet, and hopefully the most important one: your community?

Does it feel like touching the actual hot, bright, burning sunshine?

Work on your thing till it drips life. And then, let it go. Let it have its own life. Not yours anymore, babe.

For there’s a new ray to be caught.

Mia Ojapalo

Mia is BBO's Senior Copy/Concept fiercely creating a more fun, colorful, and genuine world by birthing visions, crystallizing brand ideas, helping good stuff stand out, and keeping it real. Force of Nature the Creative Dynasty: BBO Creative, BUCKET, BUD, editor-in-chief in BUDZINE, and more to come. Author, artist & everyday hedonist in her free time.