Small Show: Bye Bye Bouquet Boy

New Small Show in BUD 28.3.! We're super excited to present “Bye Bye Bouquet Boy”, an exhibition by Aki-Pekka Sinikoski. Aki-Pekka or Peki is a multifaceted artist whose creative pursuits span visual art, literature, technology, and music. Particularly recognized for his work as a photographic artist, he delves into themes such as time, change, identity, and surface.

“Would you like to be a florist?” This question has been posed to nearly half a million Finnish boys as part of the conscription process: in the reality where boys are raised to be men by teaching them to kill, selling flowers represented weakness and femininity in the psychological test. When it was asked of me, I had already been selling flower bouquets at the Porvoo market for years. The photographs in this exhibition tell stories about life, the essence of Finnishness, and perhaps about me as well. About the boy who sold flowers.”
- Peki

Peki’s creations bridge the gap between art and documentary by presenting visual narratives that explore the heart of Finnish identity. Bringing to light the untold stories of our times through individual experiences. Come around with your buds – see you in BUD!

Small Show by Aki-Pekka Sinikoski
Bye Bye Bouquet Boy
BUD 28.3.–24.4.2024
Exhibition is FREE