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Branding & Brand Identities
Sympa is a very sympathetic HR company from Finland – and currently very busy conquering the world! Early 2018, Sympa came to us with an urgent need for new, dazzling key copy and fresh visual identity. They wanted to boldly step away from the worst technical jargon traps and stand out from their HR tech competitors, and we proudly took on the challenge.


With a lot of love and dedication, we handcrafted Sympa’s brand messages to match their vibes and strategy, and hired a world-famous illustrator Rami Niemi to finish off the project with unique and fun illustrations. After gathering all of this together into hands-on key copy and brand guideline manuals, Sympa’s now more than ready to live up their mission of freeing HR from tech-hustling.


Sympa has a look and feel of a global, high-vibe HR-house that’s owning its bigger boots. Our cooperation continues with event design and smaller scale visual crafting. Here you go, get a taste of Sympa ‘s world!

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