Suomen Kennelliitto

Revamping A Tradition

Traditions run deep and have undeniable value – especially when stemming from as far as the 19th century! So, when Kennelliitto wanted us to make a modern version of their old prestigious logo, originally drawn to wood (!) back in the day, we took on the challenge and gave it a loving whirl.


Kennelliitto – or the Finnish Kennel Club – is an organization with around 130 years of history. When they contacted us to refresh their logo and visual style, we answered with a big and smiley YES. Over the years, Kennelliitto had had many logos, but our task was to bring them all together under one logo that would speak of their Finnish roots, the tradition they’ve carried out for such a long time, and of the international appreciation Kennelliitto enjoys.


The Kennelliitto logo draws its’ inspiration from the original design from 1900s, but updates it to meet modern design standards. The Finnish Spitz stands proudly in the circular logo with a fresh coat of color which resonates with the Finnish roots and clean nature. Never ones to leave things half-way, we also refreshed their color scheme and typography. Ps. Yes, we’ve been their trusted go-to agency in other major adventures as well, but that’s another story!

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