Get a Roof! Colorfully alluring no-BS branding for real estate agency

Real estate agency with a hype. In just 5 years, Roof’s business had grown fast, and their branding needed to match the new nation-wide big boy attitude. We were happy to jump into the branding joyride, with a goal of bringing Roof’s exceptionally good customer service, energetic bunch of real estate agents and most interesting neighborhoods into the spotlight. All’s said & done, and Roof is now ready to make it big. Get a Roof!


  • Brand workshop to clarify brand vision & strategy, key messages, market position and differentiators
  • New brand identity incl. logo, key copy, tone of voice, slogan, brand assets & photography
  • Roof HOODS concept: celebrities showing their own favorite spots around the neighborhoods
  • Web copy & photography (Web design & production by our friends at Motley <3)


  • Strong brand identity: distinguishable look & clear messages
  • Clarified vision & strategy for the next years
  • Eye-catching brand assets for multichannel marketing
  • Roof HOODs: great video & still photo content to catch the attention of new target groups

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