Ride North

Brand design full of Northern magic

Arctic landscapes, aurora spotting, husky safaris and riding adventures – combined with genuinely warm & welcoming vibes. Ride North-ians live a dream of many far away in Inari, Lapland. We got a pretty amazing task to renew Ride North’s brand to match their much-loved services and people. One Lapland-trip (and some fierce desk-work) later, we could say everyone’s superbly smiley about this one!


Ride North is all about the magical vibes of great grand Lapland. To communicate their fur-filled activities from husky adventures to farm visits and riding trips, we designed an organic-looking, warm and easy-to-approach visual identity with atmospheric photos by our own photographer Nick Tulinen. Adding in some nice copywriting, re-written story and brand new websites, Ride North is now ready to take on people’s hearts in a whole new way!


Why not go and have a look at ridenorth.fi! Ride North’s story is just beginning – there’s a lot to come, and we’re more than happy to help on this northern ride to greatness.

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