Pizza Cartel

From one-joint local launch to badass pizzeria chain – and more!

Munchies? Gotcha. Pizza Cartel is a brand-new pizza chain with a big mission, innovative business approach and just-mouth-watering pizzas. We crafted this babe from simple brand visuality into a fun, life-bursting brand with unique tone-of-voice and the most lovable & mad spirits in its field. It's been a wild ride from the first pizzeria launch to what is now an over 50-joint fam. ROAR.


Since day 1, Pizza Cartel’s been on fire to improve the level of pizza game in Finland and beyond. For us, it all started with cartel OG’s inviting us for some damn good pizzas & nice cold beers just days before the launch of their very first Pizza Cartel restaurant in Munkkiniemi.

Fast forward, Pizza Cartel was launched with its brand colors blazing around Helsinki. Today, it’s looking sharp (in a cool way) as ever, melting hungry hearts in all of em’ biggest cities in Finland and in tens of small towns, too. We’ve had our hands deep in the dough to help them reach both pizza lovers (kinda given) and generate interest among small-scale pizza restaurants. Why the latter? The big idea is to help pizzerias upgrade their menu with Pizza Cartel’s pizzas – all baked with Pizza Cartel’s quality private label ingredients, using Michelin Chef & Partner Pertti Kallioinen’s recipes.


Taking over city by city like one happy pizza hurricane, we are proud of Pizza Cartel that’s grown from the very first launch to a real pizzeria chain offering an interesting, loyalty-boosting brand experience and a whole lotta taste for its customers, while staying loyal to its mission of upgrading the pizza game in Finland and beyond. Now go order one, already!

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