Pahimman yli

Giving a Bbig hand for ’em families!

Corona came, and swept pretty much everything ordinary into new, uncharted territories. For too many, #lockdown led to being financially hit in a massive way, one of the most vulnerable ones being low-income families. We sure wanted to help! Together with a bunch of kind-hearted lawyers, digital design agency Px8 and charity organization Hope ry, we created a campaign to help these families out of crisis. A great success with very real hands-on results – Bbig thanks y’all!


Pahimman yli -concept idea was nice and simple: by donating 300 euros, you directly helped one Finnish family over the worst corona distress. The donation went to the families in full as 300 € food voucher, distributed by Hope ry. Due to the urgency of the situation, we jumped into action to design & create all needed campaign essentials. In just a few days, the campaign page and related social media were ready for roll-out – immediately starting to bring together helping hands from private people and companies alike.


In the 2-months campaign time, we crossed the border of over 200 helped-out families, donating them more than 60 000 euros’ worth of food and daily hygiene products. We were truly amazed and grateful to see so many compassionate friends and fellow companies join the cause – once more, Bbig thanks to everyone!

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