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5 years and over 150 games at KHL and counting, we’ve had a little something to do with how Jokerit matches have been playing out – well, off the ice anyway. Bringing world class, KHL standard event direction to Pasila, we’ve been in charge of planning, scripting and implementing Jokerit matches and pre-game shows. In addition to our operational production work, we’ve also played our part in consulting and commercially developing both Jokerit and Hartwall Arena. The years have brought Jokerit both triumphant wins and devastating losses, but also earned media, massive hype and full to the brim arenas at some of Europe’s most popular ice hockey events.


”Jokerit matches are exceptionally large productions by all standards and in Finnish conditions. The show is a big investment for both the team and the production crew. Directing these events requires the ability to react quickly – you need to act now, here and immediately. That’s what Matti is naturally super good at. He never runs out of energy and drive.”

Jukka Kohonen, CEO, Jokerit

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