Helsinki Ice Challenge

When size matters (and function is crucial)

Helsinki Ice Challenge could be called a challenge, all right: the biggest ever outdoor event to be built from scratch in Finland and a massive production involving a team of over 500 people. Ice cold Finnish conditions, tight KHL standards and not just one but four amazing partners – Helsinki City, the Suomi100 organization, HIFK and Jokerit. Good thing that challenges are what we’re made for. Enter BBO, sleeves rolled up. We took on full responsibility for project management and event production, created and implemented comms and marketing plans and kept the masses of moving parts in check from start to finish.

Here’s what HIFK had to say about it:

”The Helsinki Ice Challenge was a big event built with a small crew. Pressure was high and we met unexpected situations on the way. Matti stayed positive even under the hardest pressure and found a solution to every problem through good teamwork. The end result was a perfectly successful event.”

Jukka Valtanen, CEO, HIFK

Here’s what Jokerit had to say about it:

”There were dozens of factors involved in the Helsinki Ice Challenge and the schedule was tight. BBO Event made sure that everyone always knew who was doing what and when. It was also a big advantage to us that the creative planning of the marketing materials came from the same house as the event planning. A nearly sold out event showed us that BBO succeeded also on the consumer marketing and sponsor sales side.”

Jukka Kohonen, CEO, Jokerit

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