Global PB-pioneer conquering Finnish hearts – Onpa hyvä!

Bbig yay for plant-based goodness! Late 2019, Alpro was getting ready to launch their global master brand in Finland, and translate it into a locally resonating campaign and activation. We certainly enjoyed the taste of the plan and jumped into work, with a main goal to amplify the brand locally and find just the right cultural angle for it – especially among Finnish flexitarians, those open-minded and curious individuals with a tickling for anything healthy and tasty.

Starting point

Alpro, in co-op with VMLY&R, had created a new global master brand that was to be translated for the Finnish market, to maximize the tone of voice and contextualize it locally.

Alpro is a real plant-based pioneer, with a diverse range of healthy and yummy plant-based alternatives for your usual milk-based products. However, due to the rapidly growing oat boom, Alpro was losing penetration and potential in Finland, especially within plant-based drinks.

Together with Alpro, we found that the key for turning the current challenges into powerful opportunities were found in the core of Alpro’s identity. Alpro’s supportive and equal brand image and tone of voice, a diverse and varied selection of easy low-threshold products, and an authentic purpose to do good make for a real & true PB-winner – when communicated in the right way.

Creative insight and kick-off

Together we created added activations for the global strategy, to make Alpro’s master brand relevant locally. We created a local modification of the “Good for you” message and a tone that relates strongly to a Finnish mindset. Our audience wasn’t just the plant-based-junkies and veggie-evangelists, but all everyday heroes and mundane superstars trying their best in their everyday lives.

So, we penned copy that resonates with the Finn-Flexitarians but also with a wider audience, in a supportive manner – without pointing any fingers. We wanted Alpro to feel like a personal cheerleader, helping Finns to make better choices in the midst of everyday hassle and hustle.

The campaign kicked off in January 2020 with a series of local brand films made together with Skål Helsinki – starring a real embodiment of Finnish heroism, Juha Mieto – and a nationwide out-of-home campaign. The campaign had a fabulous welcome, accumulating a whole lotta PB-love.

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