Gasm Café & Bar

Distinctive brand & concept design delights at Kämp Galleria

New urban café concept to the mid-spot of famous Kämp Galleria? HELL YEA. We we’re asked for an edgy idea to suit the curious and fashion-oriented crowd of Helsinki’s city center – and mind you, this needed to get done & out fast. Just a few quickies later, an elegant and bold concept idea Gasm became the grand chosen one. Needless to say, that babe comes with a big promise – and yes, we now know it’s Satisfaction Delivered.


Absolutely irresistible and joyful mouthfuls all-day. Together with Gasm Chefs Sara La FountainPetteri Luoto and Ossi Paloneva, we started the concept work by creating a menu where every fork- and spoonful is designed to deliver. Not losing a single day, we matched the concept with a bold, yet elegant brand identity that communicates the main goodies of Gasm’s offering – easily available, modern and delicious tastes made from vibrant, mostly local ingredients.


Unique concept and elegant brand identity, with massive good vibes from flirty & joyful copywriting and beautiful brand photography. Gasm is now the perfect eye-catcher and complement to Kämp Galleria’s new design and art offering – offering tasty breakfast, lunch and afters treats every day of the week. And a lil’ tip for all those lovers of nice tote bags and such – we think Gasm’s merch is some of the coolest ones in the scene, too.

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