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Campaigns & Consepts
Fingrid is the trusted backbone of the Finnish electricity system. During past decades, Finnish energy markets have been through big shifts, meaning Fingrid has needed help securing reliable expert communications for their customers as well as for society. Fingrid is in it to shape the clean, market-oriented power system of the future – and our job has been to make sure their communications hits it.


Customer magazines, annual reports and a big selection of communications materials and campaigns. Together with Fingrid, we’ve walked the talk and vice versa: making campaigns that have truly delivered both the message and the results. For example, one of the latest campaigns related to safety at work encouraged hundreds of employees to report smaller and bigger building site hazards to Fingrid.


The years of working together have been an honour for us. Here’s what Fingrid has to say about them!

“With BBO, our cooperation has been flowing –  BBO delivers their work always on time and without hassles. We’ve been especially happy about BBO’s ability to shape even the more demanding expert content into something that’s easy to digest.”

Marjaana Kivioja, Communications and Information Management Manager, Fingrid Oyj

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