Event Stars

Rebranding made the brightest star of event world

Branding & Brand Identities
Event Stars is a bright and joyful force of nature offering staff rental and logistic services for events. After growing into the biggest operator in its field in Finland, Event Stars reached us to renew their brand. We quickly fell in love with Event Stars' positive energy and unstoppable drive, and love to see how their new brand is now melting hearts all over the country!


Event Stars is formed of skilled event professionals with a smile to match. We hopped into the team and started our brand work by creating Event Stars new key copy and brand idea based on matchmaking – with a goal to communicate how their services are wired for finding the best suited talents for each customer demand fast and reliably. We matched the message with a new visual identity, starting from logo and weaving our magic all the way into the tiniest details. The new light and bright look & feel got its polished, beachy final touch from gorgeous brand photography by Nick Tulinen.


Event Stars is now ready to start writing – not just a new chapter – but a whole new book! To check out their new vibes, take a tour on Event Stars’ new website, designed by yours truly, and coded into thriving life by our friends from Px8. Good looks and punchy key messages make workin’ life that much more fun, so yes, indeed – it’s a match!

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