How do you create baby food boom?

POS and more
Who would you trust when it comes to feeding your child? The new generation of parents have big demands for baby food: it must be organic and aligned to their values. NaturNes meets and even exceeds parents’ strict criteria, but the competition is tough – and that’s why NaturNes needed a launch that would reach and engage new parents across the country in an authentic way.


We put together an on-brand influencer marketing and content strategy, added in impactful events with tailor-made promotional materials, and built authentic engagement by finding and answering the questions that the target consumers really wanted to ask about baby foods. To top it off, we delivered in-store advertising and partnered with Nordics’ largest family event to give all expo-going babies a taste of NaturNes.


National media coverage that was, fittingly, organic itself! Our influencer-mom, Nanna Karalahti, reached tens of thousands of parents by interviewing interesting opinion leaders about baby food and its origins. Straight-talking attitude created new kind of transparency and credibility for this brand-new brand – go ahead and have a taste!

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