Gettin’ the groove on!

Following your dreams and finding just the right study place can be a head-scratcher, but not for long! Together with EU, Opetushallitus – Finnish National Agency for Education – dived into the challenge of developing a virtual student counsellor for peeps looking for a new vocational study place. We hopped on board and created two funky videos to showcase the new prototype.


Too often tech-savvy services are promoted with dull-ish how-to -videos, gaining little viewers. We wanted to shake things up and approached the task from a different angle. Since the service was still at prototype level, we didn’t need to get locked to a specific user interface – rather, the goal was to give a fool-proof feeling of the prototype’s basic idea and ease-of-use, with a creative touch.


The resulting videos share the same philosophy, with both of them approaching the service from a very humane perspective. In the first one, performance artist / dancer KEliel sparks his creativity to the vid through dancing. The second video introduces us to a student and her counsellor, who share us their mutual real-life good-vibes about the ease of use of the service.

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