Gloriously good-vibed brand & concept design

Lush, colorful and free-hearted flower boutique, minibar & creative space. Our very own flowery love child BUD is a space dedicated to playful curiosity, blazing creativity and bubbly work atmosphere. Birthing, branding and designing this never-have-we-ever-seen concept straight from the bright astral realms, we all now know that BUD is love. Cool, aye?


First – jump over to BUD Zine to read the whole thingy about Bud’s becomings! Short version: what started as a primal need of having more creative space for our own peeps and customers, fast evolved into kind of a local Punavuori funhouse. BUD’s concept – from name to visual design and tiny, hilly-billy-delicious details – was designed to bring together all things inspiring, such as unique floral design, decadent wines and nice, creative people. Job well done, as it all has now melted into a charming, urban love tornado -kind of a brand: making people feel good, warm, free and fuzzy inside.


Bud is now fully embracing its job as the Champion of the neighborhood. It’s a place to-be for inspiring workshops and meetings, a flourishing venue for exhibitions and Punavuori’s very own meeting spot. BUD Zine brings out talented creatives, artists and designers, and the gorgeous flowers and wines do make people just plain happy. Talk aside, we recommend you visit this flowery spaceship – in real-life at Uudenmaankatu 11 or in the good ol’ internet.

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