We’re a 10-people-strong, Punavuori-based creative dynasty with a mission to whirl businesses into colorful, internationally alluring, edgy, and feel-good life.

Turn On Company aka Törnari

Work. Money. Heat. Love. Passion. Feeling. Emotion. Culture. Authenticity. People in ’n’ out. Genuine care, passionate bursts. Fancy dinners, some drunken nights. Shower insights. One jail night. Self-development. Cruising around. Pandemia & war. And yea, a whole lotta passion to create the bestest feel-good stuff in branding, campaigns, concepts and what not. As it turns out – our office-smooth hands-on-a-bible – it almost always is, too.

We serve by delivering work in a genuinely turning-on way (money & smiles), and have our own BUD flower store, which also happens to be a creative space, gallery, and wine bar. Not forgetting our own beloved media, BUDZINE. We birth movements and don’t shy away from always on. But mostly, together with our customers, we’re living a colorful, rich, and creative life.

That’s #goals for anyone. And for the record, we’re 39 and independent. That’s roots – and on an especially good day, legacy.

What’s your creative craving?

We’re down for a creative fling or forever after, so hit play and hop on the fast lane! Get your fix with delicious concepts, out-there ideas, that one missing bit of brand or the whole shebang.

Go on, challenge us! Let us know where you’re at and where you want to go. Leave the rest to us – we’ll get back to you with a serving suggestion.