BBO summer mix: Buenas Lomas

Let’s holiday! Do not, and we repeat, do not go off on your summer holidays without following the funky-flavoured, sun-kissed Spotify playlist that we created just for you. And for ourselves, because this is what each of us will be playing on repeat as we sip rosé, muck around our summer cabins and count the hours until we’re allowed back in the office.

So, man behind the music and best trainee in the world Jori (or ”Jorge”, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to see his best dance moves), what’s in the mix?

”Brazilian boogie and cheesy, horn-filled Latin loving to get your shoulders relaxed and hips oiled. Syrup-covered Italo and illegal Suomi Disco to release guilty pleasures. Rhytmic afro-disco and some true grooves to get you going. Enjoy responsibly!”

Roger. Move us, Jorge.
Buenas lomas!

P.S. BBO is open for business through summer. Pop in to say hello, there’s ice cream in the freezer!

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