The ad agency treasure hunt

Are you wondering if you’ve perhaps stumbled into an advertising agency? No worries, let this handy treasure hunt help you figure it out. If you can find more than five of the following, yes – you must be at an ad agency. Alternatively, andif you definitely already know you’re at an advertising agency, use as a fast and deadly drinking game.

1. People still printing stuff instead of doing that paperless office thing
2. A Pantone swatch set
3. Apple-branded things
4. Hard liquor
5. Soft liquor
6. Brand merchandise and/or blow-outs of promotional materials
7. At least one book with the word ”creative” or ”creativity” in the title
8. A person sporting glasses, Birkenstocks, facial hair or colourful shoes
9. A Wacom tablet
10. A bright-hued interior design element
11. Somebody saying ”print pdf”, ”brand guide” or ”f*ck”.
12. A hysterical fit of laughter
13. A person clearly strung out on coffee
14. Glossy magazines
15. Random objects completely unrelated to work

What’s your creative craving?

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Go on, challenge us! Let us know where you’re at and where you want to go. Leave the rest to us – we’ll get back to you with a serving suggestion.